Jun Liu

Jun Liu is a freelance translator based in Auckland, New Zealand. She has translated more than 20 full length books of Chinese literature, arts and culture into English since the 1990s. She entered literary translation with a collection of essays and stories by 1940’s iconic authors Lao She, Feng Zikai and Zhang Tianyi. In 2017 she cotranslated Uyghur author Alat Asem’s Confessions of a Jade Lord with Bruce Humes. Jun has a keen interest in Jia Pingwa, having read the majority of his works. As literary editor for China Daily, she interviewed the author at his studio in 2010, and later wrote a review of his new novel Ancient Kiln. In 2016 she helped Nicky Harman with her translation of Jia Pingwa’s Happy Dreams by checking against the original, with particular attention to dialect and cultural references. In 2018, she translated an excerpt of Jia Pingwa’s Tiangou for Chinese Arts & Letters. Jun was an exchange scholar at the University of Iowa in 2011 where she gave lectures on Chinese culture to international students. After leaving for New Zealand in 2013, she won the prestigious New Zealand China Council’s Media Awards 2015 in Chinese Language Reporting as Assistant Editor-in-Chief of Chinese Herald in Auckland.

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