Ebook Subscription fulfilment

Please note that our ebooks are fulfilled through the Glassboxx app, compatible with most major Apple, Android and Windows devices – however they are not currently able to be read using Kindle devices.

Once you have purchased your subscription and received a confirmation email, please visit https://server.glassboxx.co.uk/voucher in order to enter the code attached with your email, and register with Glassboxx. Then, visit https://glassboxx.com/glassboxx-downloads/ or your device’s App Store in order to download the appropriate Glassboxx app. You will then be able to sign into the Glassboxx app using your email in order to read your book.

For all other ebook purchases, simply download the Glassboxx app, and then enter your purchase email address in order to begin reading your books!


Our Shipping Policy

We are currently only able to ship any purchases made from our website to addresses in the UK. We are however looking into expanding this to the US, Canada, and Mainland Europe, and will update our shipping options once we have found a solution. In the meantime, anyone who purchases a subscription is entitled to free shipping on titles included in their subscription, and we also offer free shipping on all physical items above £25.

We are unable to process orders that have incorrect shipping details, so please ensure you check carefully at checkout. Unless otherwise stated, coupons do not apply to shipping costs.