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Where in the world do you like to read from? Interested in diversifying your reading? Interested in the literature coming from China? We’ve just set up the Chinese Literature Reader’s Club in the UK.

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The Chinese Literature Reader’s Club is for everyone with an interest in reading works translated from Chinese. We primarily cover fiction and also often step into nature writing, memoir and anything we fancy.

Whether you’ve never read a book from a Chinese author or you are a Chinese author, this is a space for you to come learn and talk with others about Chinese Literature.

In addition to a discussion, each book club event features a translator who works in Chinese; they bring their expertise on their books to open the conversation for our discussion.

A Short History

The Chinese Literature Reader’s Club is a global project launched in 2021 to promote Chinese literature around the world. So far, the club has set up branches in 12 countries-UK, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey, Iran, Russia, Poland, Serbia, Germany, France and Chile.

Tie Ning, author and the head of CWA speaking at the project’s launch spoke on how…

Reading, appreciating and exchanging ideas about literature from a country will help to break through ignorance, isolation and prejudices, and allows people to spiritually get close to, and understand, the rich emotional world of the people there and their vibrant life.

We at Sinoist books totally agree – and were overjoyed to be chosen to run the UK branch. 

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