Empires of Dust

When making coffins is the best business in town, what hope is there for tomorrow?


Amidst the maelstrom of Communist China’s rocky beginnings, Guojiadian, a tiny hamlet situated on salty ground in the rural northeast where nothing grows, must forge a path through the turbulence – both physical and political – threatening to return the windswept village to the dust from which it emerged.

Amongst the long-suffering village inhabitants lives Guo Cunxian, a man of rare ability trapped in an era of limitations. His quest for a better future for him and his family pits him against the jealousy of his peers, the indifference of his superiors and even the seemingly cursed earth upon which he resides.

In a decades-long journey filled with frustration and false starts, they eventually rise to dizzy heights built upon foundations as stable as the dust beneath their feet and the mud walls which shelter them.

But will their sacrifices along this tortuous path be in vain…?


Author Jiang Zilong
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Dimensions 229 × 152 mm
Author Jiang Zilong
Translator Christopher Payne, Olivia Milburn
Format Kindle Books, Paperback
Status Published
Year Published 2019
Page Count 712