Between Four Rivers

Tigers. Bandits. A 10,000 mile journey.


1694: Sichuan is empty, depopulated by war, famine and plague. When the emperor issues a decree asking citizens to re-settle this former land of abundance, Ning Xi takes up the call, vowing to find her father, Ning Degong, who vanished in Sichuan years ago. Beset by tigers, bandits, and a powerful old enemy, this courageous woman and her family must face countless dangers — including a new set of rivals, the influential Zhao clan — to build a new life in this wild land.

Between Four Rivers is the stunning multi-generational tale of two families linked by shocking twists of fate that leave their lives and the destiny of Sichuan changed forever.


Author Wang Yu
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Dimensions 229 × 152 mm
Author Wang Yu
Format Kindle Books, Paperback
Status Published
Year Published 2019
Page Count 482