Chone Yum Tsering

Chone Yum Tsering, (born in Zhuoni County, Gansu Province in 1977, Ph.D. from Sichuan University) is a Tibetan novelist, short story writer and essayist in China. As a bilingual writer involved in both literary creation and academic research, Dr Chone Yum Tsering has gained fruitful achievements. He is the author of many novels and story collections such as Abstinence (a collection of short stories and novellas in Tibetan), Old House (a collection of essays in Tibetan), and Cloud Farming (a novel in Tibetan and Chinese). Apart from literary creation, he has published an academic book, A Study on Tibetan Classical Allegorical Novels. Chone Yum Tsering has won numerous awards including the 5th Drang-char (sbrang-char) Tibetan Literature Prize for Best Work by a New Writer in 2007, the 9th National Minority Literature Horse Award in 2008, the New Talents Award of the 7th National Minority Literature Research Association in 2010, and the 3rd Tibetan Literature Award “Gangjian Cup” in 2015. He currently lives in Chengdu, a post-doctoral fellow in modern and contemporary Chinese literature at the College of Literature and Journalism of Sichuan University.

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