Eastern Concealment

In times of war, sacrifices must be made to hold families together and defend a fractured nation…


After a gruelling trek from the north, the Lü family is finally reunited in Kunming, but the hardships of war are not over. Disoriented in unfamiliar surroundings, they do their best to rebuild some semblance of normality amid the hardships of rural living and the constant terror of Japanese bombing raids.

In the struggle to survive, the Lü children are forced to shoulder burdens beyond their years as they try to piece together a shattered childhood amid the rugged beauty of Yunnan. Even in the face of grinding poverty, the family strive to find beauty in this land of deep blue skies, where so much danger lurks.

Meanwhile, life proves insufferable for the family and friends left behind in Beiping, where opium is often the only solace against the despairs of war.

The war against fascism grinds on. Will there ever be hope for a better tomorrow?


Author Zong Pu
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Dimensions 229 × 152 mm
Author Zong Pu
Format Kindle Books, Paperback
Status Published
Year Published 2019
Page Count 478