Wang Hongjia

Wang Hongjia is a celebrated scholar and cultural historian from Jianyang in Fujian province. He is vice-chairman of the Reportage Committee of the Chinese Authors’ Association, and deputy chairman of the Chinese Reportage Society. He is a former winner of the Chinese Book Prize, the Best Works Award, the Lu Xun Literary Prize, the Xu Chi Reportage Prize, the Bing Xin Essay Prize, and other awards. He is considered the founder of a new style of documentary literature in the information age. His Information Revolution and The New Education Crisis have had a profound influence on the development of contemporary education. Starting in 1979 he has re-introduced the almost forgotten figure of Song Ci to China and the rest of the world, through his writings, his lectures and through television dramas. He has visited Korea, France and Russia to deliver lectures at international literary symposia.

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